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  • Those Smalls Steps Can Turn into Leaps and Bounds and You Never Know How Big an Impact You Will Make.

    Bernie & Pat

    Taking a step back means taking a leap forward. Meet Bernard and Patricia Otto of Awaken the Haus. This brother and sister team grew stronger, professionally and personally, as they both carried the hardships and celebrations that their journey has laid before them. Their passion and values speak mountains through their story; Protecting a mind of strong […]

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  • The World May Try to Steal Peoples’ Joy and Faith, but a Joy and Faith That Are Deeply Rooted and Nurtured Are Harder to Steal


    Strong faith, strong life! The Love Anyway Project is excited to introduce Reagan Hinton the Co-Founder and President of Where Love Abounds. She began her new chapter at a young age feeling overwhelmed and uncertain of where it will lead to. She knew her purpose was greater than herself but she kept faithful and surrounded herself with hearts that […]

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  • The Dream Found Me and Trusted Me to Grow It into Something Meaningful

    thumbnail_BALCONY 8a

    She’s a leader of great faith, resilience and strength. Meet Brooke Marston the Founder of Charity Girl Problems. She courageously creates the first ripple effect empowering others to embrace their gifts and share it with the world to make a positive difference. Stepping outside of her comfort zone, confidently finding her new “right” way and fighting endlessly for what […]

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  • Moment of Action Can Promote Health, Progress and Will in Others

    C360_2016-06-10-19-30-13-853 (1)

    They live and share a life of compassion. Meet Jonathan Duhon and Co-Founder Jennifer Rodriguez of Donate A Box.org. They are the messengers and the mission is their focus. They connect with people around the world to provide essentials and information towards their neighbours in New York experiencing homelessness. The Love Anyway Project is pleased to interview and share their words […]

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  • The More I Give, The More I Live


    The Love Anyway Project is honoured to be collaborating with and interview the passionate Julie Johnson, Founder of Carestream Inc, a 501c3 nonprofit that gives haircuts and supplies to the less fortunate in Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada. Julie is building a mobile salon to use at shelters and schools. Monthly she creates events that give less […]