The Love Anyway Project is a Toronto-based non-profit initiative striving to make each day an opportunity to spread one act of kindness, big or small, wherever you are through storytelling. It encourages a community of leadership, hope, faith and most importantly – Love.

The Love Anyway Project stems from the inspirational poem “Do It Anyway” by Mother Teresa. No matter how many times the sun sets in our yesterdays, her words continue to give courage to always do good and give hope to see the sun rises of our todays and tomorrows.

Together we can cast the first stone to create many ripples.

Lose I and Gain We.

Lose Pride and Gain Humility.

Lose Fear and Gain Love.

Lose Nothing and Gain Everything.




The name is Rachel L. Atienza.

Although I am the Founder of The Love Anyway Project, this is not mine.

This is yours. This is ours. This is a community.

I believe that storytelling is the most powerful way of inspiring others. By sharing a part of ourselves, it is not only courageous but it opens up opportunities to encourage those who may be walking the same path, bringing hope and a sense of belonging to their lives.

Join me in venturing the unknown, the faithful and the brave.

Rachel is a mother of one and a daughter of God. On her spare time she loves to read anything self-development, write freely, take long drives to anywhere and eat till her hearts content. For more, visit her blog: