Less About Our Dream, More About the Dreams of the Children We Serve


Hey Toronto! Have you heard of Nepal Peace Home?

Nepal Peace Home is a reconciliation orphanage that develops Nepal’s next generation of students, professionals, innovators, and leaders. They provide Nepali youth with a safe home to be happy and healthy, and the education they need to make a meaningful difference in their home country.

The Love Anyway Project is honored to be collaborating with and interview the lovely Sarah Manus, a teacher and Co-Director of CoAction Foundation supporting Nepal Peace Home. For two months, she lived and volunteered in Nepal Peace Home where she lead the organization with such grace and exemplified amazing compassion for children.

It began with three Nepal Peace Home volunteers who recognized the need for more consistent funding. This is where Sarah and her team started the non-profit CoAction Foundation to bring long-term sustainability.

This was less about our dream, and more about the dreams of the children we serve.

Like all great endeavors in life, Sarah’s determination to serve others came with the reluctance to start because of the uncertainty that lies ahead. But knowing and understanding the reason for why she began this journey allowed her to knock the walls down.

The hardest part was quitting our jobs and traveling to Nepal, but once we experienced the love and acceptance of the children at Nepal Peace Home, it felt impossible to return to life in the US without making a long-lasting commitment to these kids.

CoAction is a volunteer-run organization bringing them daily challenges such as managing the organization in addition to their full-time jobs as teachers. Along with balancing two positions, they are faced with trying to find consistent funding through sustaining donations to provide for the children each month. But Sarah’s passion to serve others always drove her to keep pushing.

So worth it when we see the fruits of our labor: the education and family environment that Nepal Peace Home’s children receive.

She adds,

Nepal Peace Home’s children are the catalysts for this undertaking. NPH volunteers travel to Nepal as often as possible, and when we see food at their table, books in their hands, love in their hearts, it is clear that these benefits far outweigh any cost. Because of support from our generous donor base, our children–once torn apart and orphaned by civil war–now call “home” a place of peace and reconciliation.

Not only does her story inspire but her insight on giving will undoubtedly resonate and enlighten all those who are pursuing to make a difference in the world:

As a teacher, I often use the “5 Ws” as a technique for problem solving. If you want to make a difference in the world, I think you can use these same questions to ask yourself about service and stewardship: Who am I serving? What am I serving? Where? When? Why? If the answer to these questions is “me, me, me,” then you may want to attempt part two of the quest: Who should I be serving? Who needs my help? Who can I best help with my unique set of skills? And traveling to the other side of the world isn’t the only way to make a positive impact. If you find a grassroots organization where you know that 100% of your donation is going to the population in need, then give. It really does make a difference. Just ask the kids at Nepal Peace Home.

We recognize Sarah for her strong love and hard work here at The Love Anyway Project!

Thank you for shining your light on the children of Nepal,

Thank you for being brave to pursue the dreams of others,

Thank you for continuing to Love Anyway!


Meet the children of Nepal Peace Home and learn how you can contribute by visiting:

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