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With a passion for service and a hunger to give back, The Love Anyway Project is excited to introduce Adam Kunes, Owner and Founder of Have Fun. Do Good. He’s a spirited entrepreneur dedicating his time and efforts to bring a new perspective in volunteering. He participated in Semester at Sea and a service trip to New Orleans, rebuilding a home damaged by Hurricane Katrina, where he found a great appreciation for the little things he took for granted and built lasting friendships and bonds. His experiences lead him to take that leap of faith and start Have Fun. Do Good.

Have Fun Do Good is a volunteer travel and event company based in Pittsburgh, PA. We’re changing up the way people look at volunteering. By incorporating the “road trip,” concept into our model, we offer a completely unique experience for our participants. It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day comfort zone of your hometown. We’re forcing participants to step outside of that comfort zone and to do some good, while having fun at the same time!

Adam’s first step into business and non-profit started at the age of 24. Rewind Memories was his first ever business venture that he began at a relatively young age and always knew it was a means to an end. As a budding entrepreneur, he took his knowledge of running the business, managing employees and everything else that came along with it, as a reference for his future projects. Adam is big on being passionate about what he does and after 6 years with two retail locations, as much as he made it happen he knew his heart was no longer in it. At that point he knew it was time to move on. Since then he’s grown confidently and instilled a great insight into trusting his gut in every pursuit he chooses to dive into.

It’s hard work having a lot of ideas and wanting to see them come to fruition. His parents and friends definitely helped and are super supportive through it all. When it gets overwhelming, it’s important for Adam to take a step back and remember to be patient and have fun with the process. Moving forward begins with taking baby steps!

For Adam, Have Fun. Do Good is about the hearts of the people involved:

When I hear about a participants positive experience on the trip or from a non-profit that is grateful for our help, that’s a win in my book.

When it comes to learning what it takes to pursue your dream, take it from Adam:

My biggest piece of advice would be to go for it! That’s a bit cliche and I know there is a lot more involved than just going for it, but that is where you need to start. If you can put a few hours in a day, do it! Most people talk themselves out of following their dreams. Taking the leap is crucial. There will be hurdles and upsets along the way, but it’s all part of the process! Enjoy it, learn from it and last but not least have fun with it; it’s yours!

The Love Anyway recognizes Adam for his high energetic spirit and perseverance to keep on giving!

Thank you for always seeing the good in every experience,

Thank you for showing the fun that is just outside of our comfort zones,

Thank you for choosing to Love Anyway!

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