The Dream Found Me and Trusted Me to Grow It into Something Meaningful

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She’s a leader of great faith, resilience and strength. Meet Brooke Marston the Founder of Charity Girl Problems. She courageously creates the first ripple effect empowering others to embrace their gifts and share it with the world to make a positive difference. Stepping outside of her comfort zone, confidently finding her new “right” way and fighting endlessly for what she believes in are some of the important lessons she holds dear as she walks towards her purpose. The Love Anyway Project is honoured to interview and share Brooke’s journey to inspire.

Charity Girl Problems is about empowering others to find a way to use their own unique talents and gifts to make a difference in the life of someone else. So many people believe giving back only really makes a difference in large chunks (of time or money). But that is not true; every act of kindness and compassion matters. And if you consider all the small acts performed daily around the world – they add up to a very, very big difference.

What was the specific moment that drew you to this purpose?

Back in 2012, I was laid off from what I thought was my dream job. To keep busy while on the job search, I started volunteering with various organizations. It was during this time I realized so many people wanted to give back and do something – they just either believed the lie that you have to give a lot to make a difference or they just did not know where to start. I came to realize that I could be that conduit to help people find their own personal give back style. I do not know if I would say there was a specific moment that moved me to follow a dream, per se. Instead, I would say the dream found me and trusted me to grow it into something meaningful.

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How did you overcome the hesitation or reluctance to start this new journey?

The idea that I could not do it never dawned on me. I am a pretty logical person, so I never sought to change the world. I just wanted to empower those around me, encourage them in believing their efforts matter and providing them with the tools to begin their own give back adventures. Everyone’s unique gifts and talents are given to them for a reason. And these gifts and talents are meant to be shared as a means to empower others. The best advice I can give is to start small and take reasonable steps, but to always challenge yourself to step out of our comfort zone. That is how you will eventually get to the places that exist beyond your imagination.

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What are some challenges and obstacles you face daily? And how do you overcome them?

Building something you believe in is an hourly struggle. There are moments you are super pumped and believe you can take on the world. But most of the moments are spent alone, questioning and doubting every decision you make. To overcome those moments, I turn to a small group of trusted friends. They are people who I have tremendous respect for and I know love me enough to give me the truthful answer, even if sometimes it is hard to take. Having a solid group of honest, trustworthy friends and mentors is truly the secret to success. When you find them, keep them close.

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Family and friends are very important to you, was there anything said or done by any one of them that stood out the most to you? 

It is hard to pick out one specific moment or word of advice as more important than another. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by strong and inspirational people, both in friends and with family. What I have learned over time is that the people you choose to surround yourself with directly effects whether or not you achieve the goals you set for your in life.

I once read a passage by Christine Caine that really stuck with me. She shares that sometimes in life we need to burn bridges, and that is okay. What is not okay is burning the people at end of that bridge.  The lesson I take from her message is to be vigilant over who you let into your inner circle.  And when someone in your inner circle no longer adds value or contributes positively to your growth as a person, it is okay to move on. Every time I have chosen to move on, it made room for a new person to come along who challenges me to be an even better version of myself.

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What advice would you give to those trying to pursue their passion in making a difference in the world?

The best advice I can give is to always be authentic. In this day and age, people can see through the BS. If you really want to make a difference and inspire others – lead by example. We need people who are willing to step out of their comfort zone and create change. Be the person who does not just talk about it. Be brave enough to actually do something about it. It is scary, do not get me wrong, but it is the best reward you will ever find in life.

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The Love Anyway Project admires the bravery and passion that Brooke exemplifies. She leads with optimism; always seeing her setbacks as a step forward which only pulls her closer to her purpose. She pushes beyond her boundaries and comes out stronger than ever with what ever life hands to her and encourages others to rise along with her.

Thank you for following your heart to fight for what you believe in,

Thank you for seeing the light in everyone that crosses your path,

Thank you for continuing to Love Anyway!


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