The More I Give, The More I Live


The Love Anyway Project is honoured to be collaborating with and interview the passionate Julie Johnson, Founder of Carestream Inc, a 501c3 nonprofit that gives haircuts and supplies to the less fortunate in Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada. Julie is building a mobile salon to use at shelters and schools. Monthly she creates events that give less fortunate memories they will always remember, such as prom, back to school make overs, and job interview makeovers to name just a few. Julie works as a hair stylist full time, has 8 children and runs a nonprofit that gives other women and children hope.

What specific event triggered you to begin and pursue your dream?

One Thanksgiving I wanted to go feed the homeless, however, cooking is not something I do well. It was an epic fail. My husband took me to a shelter, that happened to have an abandoned barber shop. My husband took a friend and I back a few days later, we gave 67 haircuts the first day. The need is so great. The individuals we served were so grateful it made that day one that I will never forget. A simple haircut uplifted those people and brought me to tears. That was the beginning and since we have given over 1,000 haircuts each year.

What are some of your daily challenges/obstacles?

The hardest part of running a nonprofit is funding it. To build a mobile salon for the homeless feels like the right thing to do. Yet it’s taken two years of fundraising to come up with only a portion of the money needed to build it.

How do you overcome these challenges/obstacles?

Everyday, is an opportunity to make a difference in this world. I focus on what I can do in that day to help those in need. I keep pushing in hopes of creating momentum, I want others to get involved, so I lead a Carestream Crew that loves their community.

What advice would you give to those trying to pursue their passion in making a difference in the world?

If you are passionate about making a difference, never give up. It won’t be easy, but it is so worth it. The more I give, the more I live. Life is short, spend time doing things that make your soul happy

And The Love Anyway Project couldn’t agree more!

Julie shows compassion, transcendent leadership and impactful connections down in Las Vegas and we can’t help but admire her hard work and feel the Southern Nevada warmth here in Toronto.

Thank you for being brave,

Thank you for inspiring,

Thank you for choosing to Love Anyway!

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